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Meet your 2017-2018 PTA Board Members…

Janet Strong / President

This is our family’s 5th year at Vernon. Our daughter Lily is in the 4rd grade and our daughter Zoe is in the 2nd grade. We have been in the Vernon neighborhood since 1996. I am a part time business manager for a local real estate firm and an Airbnb Host. The rest of my time is spent with my family, volunteering at Vernon and enjoying my many hobbies. My husband, Adam Strong, is a High School Digital Arts Teacher. It’s been my pleasure to serve on the PTA board the past few years as Treasurer and Vice President and organize the Vernon Maker Fair. I am looking forward to another great year. I am honored to serve as your PTA president. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.  We love our neighborhood and school community. Go Owls!, (503) 329-6985

todd-greene-familyTodd Greene / Treasurer

We can hardly believe it, but this is our family’s 12th year at Vernon.  Our sophomore in high school began in PreK when that was part of the offering.  Now, we still have two boys at Vernon, one in Middle School (7th) and the other in 6th.  I have been involved with volunteering all over the school for these past years from being on the board as President and Vice President to working in the classroom, field trips, grounds improvements, auction signups, and Run for the Owls.  Obviously, we have enjoyed our time here and have found a wonderful community.  We have loved how so many people are involved with their kid’s education experience.  All of the programs we support through the PTA were only a dream 12 years ago and I look forward to seeing what more comes into being., (503) 913-1061

Jenn Nugent / Secretary

I have two kids at Vernon: Maggie Rose – 7th grade and Miles – 3nd grade.  We have loved being a part of the Vernon community for the past 8 years, and feel so fortunate to have our kids attend such a great school.  Over the past years I’ve Chaired the Auction Procurement Committee, volunteered in my kids’ classrooms, hosted Auction Sign-Up events, co-chaired the Vernon Carnival, and volunteered for many other events.  Our family is looking forward to another year of learning and growing at Vernon!

Lisa HattenLisa Hatten / Past President President

I have two daughters, Ally – 6th grade and Nora – 2nd grade. Our family has benefitted more than we ever imagined from attending our neighborhood school.  Being an International Baccalaureate School is a huge bonus. And, we love Vernon’s welcoming and inclusive culture. During the previous seven years I have been involved in a variety of roles including PTA President, Vice President, Communications Chair, two years as the Auction Marketing & Operations Coordinator, two years as  Auction Chair, and Carnival Coordinator.  I am super excited to work with our fabulous  administration, staff, community volunteers and all the wonderful parents and kids., (503) 880-0116

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