STEAM Committee

We are the STEAM Committee! (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)


  1. To increase STEAM at Vernon to address the following:
  2. A national lack of STEAM in schools, and as a result, low performance by American students in these areas;
  3. To raise the bar and help make Vernon students competitive in the local, national and international arena, while they are at Vernon and when they leave to attend high school;
  4. To help connect Vernon students with STEAM resources and experts to generate experience, interest and excitement;
  5. To address the soon to be arriving NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), which teachers will be required to teach. These standards take a project-based approach, which is consistent with our goals as an IB school, and will require teachers to integrate STEAM into their other core subject areas (Reading, Math, Writing). Here are links to learn more.science1

Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards in Oregon


Short Term

  1. To have a science night and science fair;
  2. To inform Vernon parents and students about off school site STEAM related events through Google Groups and Facebook;
  3. To connect teachers and parents to STEAM related grants through a partnership with the Vernon Grant Committee;
  4. To bring attention to STEAM at Vernon by engaging the press in all events;
  5. To connect teachers with local resources and experts to integrate into their instruction and connect with their IB units.scienceope



  1. To have a Technology, Engineering and Art Night;
  2. To support teachers with the necessary supplies and resources to integrate STEAM into their required curriculum;
  3. To partner with teachers to present at local and National STEAM related conferences.
  4. Accomplishments:
  5. Science Night and Science Fair


We do not have an established meeting time, but our goal is to meet at least once a month.


Jennifer Hulford Odell