Outdoor Classroom Project

Outdoor ClassroomThe Vernon School Community raised $14,038 at the 2014 Auction to build a covered area in the Vernon Garden. This space will allow teachers, students, families and our community partners to bring the “classroom” outdoors and engage in hands ­on learning and community building all year long.

The Outdoor Classroom is just one component of the greater School Yard Improvement Plan.

• In 2012 landscape architect and former Vernon parent, David Elkin, drafted a master plan to enhance Vernon’s School Yard.

• May 2012, Brad Johnson incorporated an outdoor classroom design challenge into his 6th grade curricula. The challenge resulted in a contest where designs were reviewed by community professionals. Three top designs were chosen. Elements of these student designs have influenced the final design for the structure.

• In 2014, Propel Studio, a local architecture firm, partnered with Vernon to work on this creative project.

• At the 2014 Auction, $12,800 was raised for the Outdoor Classroom Project.

• In the Spring of 2015, members of the Outdoor Improvement Committee and Propel Studio began holding bi-­monthly meetings to discuss design concepts and project needs.

• In March of 2015, the Vernon PTA was awarded a $2000 grant from the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods to be used toward this project.

• In March of 2015, the core design team agreed on a final design. Members of the core design team, along with PPS facilities, are working in earnest to finalize the structure’s drawings, material list, permits and build schedule. Additionally, we have a general contractor who is reviewing our design and interested in helping us with the building process. We also invite any interested skilled builders to join in the building process by sending an email to Eileen Hendrickson at eileenlilly@hotmail.com.