Schoolyard Improvement Committee


To surround our school with a dynamic, vibrant outdoor space for our kids and community to enjoy year-round.

Short-Term Goals:

  • maintaining the outdoor soccer and volleyball equipment
  • cleaning up school grounds (weeding sidewalks and seasonal tree trimming)
  • keeping the portables painted nicely
  • repairing the front steps of portables
  • adding bike parking to the front of the school
  • re-painting some activity lines on the blacktop
  • painting an outdoor chess board over a 4-square box on blacktop

We sometimes leverage the garden work parties and draw more potential volunteers for broader schoolyard cleanup in addition to the garden work.

Long-Term Goals:

In 2012, David Elkin drafted the below plan to improve our schoolyard including more trees and shade areas, a stormwater drainage area, a jogging/walking path, more seating, an outdoor classroom in the garden, bike shelters and more. Click on the image below to view a larger PDF of the plan.


Another big goal of ours is to add a covered area to the playground, most likely over the basketball court.


Attaining a grant from Nike for futsal, basketball and volleyball court to be added to our blacktop area.


We sometimes meet right after school by the playground if nice out, by the central hallway entrance when not, or possibly the PTA room (302).


Eileen Hendrickson