Safety & Wellness Committee



To promote he safety of our students and staff in and around the school campus. To promote physical well being among our student population.

What We Do:

  • Promote and expand participation in the Safe Routes to School Walk and Bike campaigns
  • Encourage more students to bike, walk, skate or scoot to school on a regular basis. 
  • Create awareness of the health and safety hazards surrounding vehicular congestion around the school campus and promote methods to reduce the congestion.
  • Support parent, student, and teacher initiated activities and educational campaigns that help the Vernon population make healthy lifestyle choices.

Past Projects: 

safetywellness21. International Walk and Bike to School Day
2. Walk and Bike to School Challenge Month
3. Girls on the Run (after school through Sun for Girls in 3-5 grades)
4. Hosted CPR class for parents/teachers

Future Projects:

We welcome any and all ideas to help us fulfill our mission and to grow our presence at Vernon. Meeting times are TBA.