Run for the Owls Committee


run for the owlsRun For The Owls is an event that the PTA runs to raise funds for the school. Most of the money goes directly to teachers classroom enrichment and IB supplies and programs.


This is a great event that gets kids involved asking friends, family and neighbors to sponsor them as they run around the (1/4 mile) loop in the schoolyard. Not only does this event usually raise over $30,000 for our classrooms, but also promotes good health and wellness. There is also a t-shirt design contest that happens the first week of school and the winner’s artwork is used for that year’s t-shirts – each student, staff member and event volunteer gets a shirt.


  • 2012 raised $22,500
  • 2013 raised $21,500
  • 2014 raised $23,000
  • 2015 raised $28,800
  • 2016 raised $34,000


Since this is the first big fundraiser of the year and it happens with in the first month of school, the committee needs to meet in the summer, starting in August. Follow up planning meetings happen in September and then in October, the committee tabulates the pledges and plans the Award Ceremony.


Lisa Hatten