Garden Committee


garden_earthdayThe overall mission of the garden committee is to facilitate garden education at Vernon while creating an opportunity for experiential outdoor education.


The garden committee’s short term goal is to get every classroom engaged in meaningful, interesting garden project during the school year. The garden committee’s long term goals are to positively affect children’s behaviors regarding nutrition, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and to connect children with food production and nature.


We have gotten almost all classrooms working on garden projects based on IB units, a garden to cafeteria program, a connection with a local food bank to donate produce. More to come…


We have a monthly garden work party held the second Saturday of the month from 1-4, and the the school gardens are volunteer-maintained by parents and community members.

Garden Work Party Dates:

  • Sept 10th
  • Oct 1st
  • Nov 19th
  • Dec 10th
  • Jan 21st
  • Feb 11th
  • Mar 11th
  • Apr 15th
  • May 13th
  • June 10th


Sarah Canterberry & Lindsey MacKenzie, 484-529-8139

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